Bespoke Made Furniture Camden

We take pride in crafting Bespoke Furniture and breathing new life into older pieces for families, interior designers, show homes, and shops.

The Whiteman Interiors Collection showcases the exceptional furniture created through our partnership with a talented framemaker. Working closely together, we meticulously design, build, and finish each piece, ensuring they become treasured heirlooms cherished for generations.

High-Quality Custom Made Furniture Services Camden NW1

Collaborating with Whiteman Interiors means working with four generations of skilled craftspeople. For over half a century, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting and revitalising furniture for families across London and the South East. We have fostered enduring relationships, honed our craft, and passed down our skills. As a family and as a company, we have created furniture with a rich history, a vibrant present, and an enduring future.

  • Bespoke furniture craftsmanship
  • Revitalisation of older pieces
  • Our collection showcases exceptional creations
  • Collaboration with talented framemaker
  • Four generations of skilled craftspeople
  • Decades of crafting & revitalising furniture
  • Building relationships & passing down skills
  • Timeless furniture heritage

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Our Bespoke Made Furniture Services in Camden NW1

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Why Choose Whiteman Interiors for your Bespoke Furniture in Camden?

Our Bespoke Furniture services encompass the design, construction, and finishing of timeless pieces that are cherished for generations. When partnering with Whiteman Interiors, you gain the advantage of collaborating with four generations of skilled craftspeople.

With a commitment spanning over fifty years, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting and rejuvenating furniture for families across London and the South East. Throughout this journey, we have fostered enduring relationships, refined our craftsmanship, and passed down invaluable skills from one generation to the next.

As both a family and a company, we take immense pride in creating furniture that embodies a rich historical legacy, a vibrant present, and a promising future. Our creations encapsulate the essence of time and possess the ability to transcend eras.

  • Timeless pieces for generations
  • Collaboration with four generations of craftspeople
  • Crafting & rejuvenating furniture for over 50 years
  • Strong relationships with families in London & the South East
  • Honing our craftsmanship & passing down valuable skills
  • Furniture with a rich past, present, & future

Call today to discuss your furniture requirements - 020 3193 8836

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